Director: Mrs. Julieta Grey

Congratualtions One Act Cast and Crew!

Our recent production of "The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)" recenty won first place at the VHSL Conference One Act competition. The group will go on to compete on the regional level.

One Act Cast and Crew

Congratulations to our Film Students!

Our film students continue to do very well at the VHSL state competition. We made top 8 in all five genres again. This is our second time achieving this, and last year, we made top 8 in 4 our 5 genres last year, ranking top 3 in several categories at the Festival Festival bringing home 2 State Championships since VHSL Film started three years ago. Our Commercial "Das Auto" placed second overall out of all the films submitted. Our experimental film "Imminent" placed fourth overall, our documentary tied for fourth place overall, our Narrative tied for fifth overall, and our animation placed sixth overall.

PAHS Film students at the VHSL Film competition


Congratulations to our One Act Students!

We are proud to announce that Princess Anne High's Production of Tartuffe was awarded top 12 out of 50 high school one acts at The Virginia Theatre Association Festival, receiving the Honorable Mention Award and Best Under Score!

One Act Play cast and crew

One Act Play cast and crew

One Act Play cast and crew

Congratulations to our film students!

PAHS film students submitted five films for the VHSL film competition in Richmond. Four films were selected as the top 8 in their category, and three of them ranked as top 3 films and advanced to the VHSL Vanguard. Proudly, our Narrative film- SNUAF was awarded The State Audience Choice Winner. Congrats to Studio 125 Film Production Team for another success!

Film Festival

Congratulations to our Wiley and the Hairy Man Cast and Crew!

Congratulations to Princess Anne One Act Ensemble who are the VHSL One Act State Runner-ups.
WILEY AND THE HAIRY MAN's last stellar performance tied for first place by points and earned runner-up by ranking in VHSL One Act State Competition. Awarded Outstanding Actors Awards were Shannon Hughes and Annie Fick
Congrats to this production who was  awarded over 13 awards and honorable mentions from VTA to VHSL, acknowledging the ensemble, costumes, actors, tech, and overall performance.

Wiley and the Hairy Man cast and crew